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The slightly intimate works of a pale Boricua. Creating in: Los Angeles, New York City, et al.

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Ayden Marie Vargas is an American actress, dancer, fashion model, entrepreneur & humanitarian who is half deaf, living in Los Angeles, California. She is of Puerto Rican, Mexican & German decent. Ayden became a lacto-oval vegetarian in 1998 but switched to pescetarian in 2008 & is involved with numerous animal right organizations. She is also the founder of  Hear The World (run)”.

Ayden was discovered in 2009 by a model scout in Orange County, California who was casting for America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 13 – “The Short Season”. Although she made it to the “top 30”, she dropped out after deciding not to pursue reality TV in anticipation of having more career opportunities later. Interested in continuing a career in modeling, Ayden sought out agency representation in Los Angeles. She signed with Otto Models & Talent in February 2010 and moved to Los Angeles to pursue modeling full time. In April 2011 she signed with Pinkerton Model & Talent Agency. Later that month she also signed a contract with Theatrical management company, Williams Etertainment Management, & began her acting career.

As of April 2012 Ayden is represented by Scott Whitfield at Wünder Model Management. She is a member of SAG-AFTRA.

Ayden represented the city of Brea in the Miss California, USA 2012 pageant which took place in Palm Springs on January, 2012 and was voted "fan favorite" by an online poll.

Hearing Loss   

Ayden lost her hearing in her left ear when she was 16 due to “stress related” reasons and therefore circumstantially missed the majority of her junior year of high school to undergo medical procedures & testing after the development of several serious symptoms. In 2002 she was diagnosed with Ménière's disease & chronic vertigo. She opted to leave high school a few months later, graduating a year early.

Hear The World (run)

Ayden became a Hear The World ambassador in 2011. She founded the organizations first running team Hear The World (run)” , a group of athletes who run races all over the world to raise awareness about the importance of hearing and the consequences of hearing loss. The group supports a variety of charities across the globe. Their core focus is to educate, motivate & inspire people by providing a sense of community for athletes HOH, deaf, hearing impaired and hearing alike! According to their website, Hear The World (run)”"aims to support people no matter their circumstances, capabilities or limitations and seeks to demonstrate the strength & determination of people not willing to let their circumstances limit what they do and how they live their lives." In simply a matter of months  Hear The World (run)” grew from a Southern California team to an international running community.  


At 14 Ayden enrolled in The Bridge Program, an academic privilege that allows High School students to concurrently enroll in college courses at local colleges. By the time Ayden left high school she had enough credits to obtain an Associates Degree with an emphasis in behavioral psychology and the performing arts. Currently Ayden is pursuing her masters of science degree in Mammal Zoology.

Athletic Career

Ayden was a gymnast as a child before focusing her attention on soccer, volleyball & basketball. At age 14 she started dancing & rockclimbing competitively & eventually professionally which allowed her to travel all over the world. She ran track & field in high school & college as a 100m & 400m hurdler & metaled in several meets.

As a collegiate soccer player, Ayden was a starting midfielder for her Division II college team in Orange County. As a freshman in college she also rekindled her passion for gymnastics and joined her school's team. During her junior year in College she tried out for her school’s Division I rowing team & fell in love with boating right away. Although she trained as a rower she coxed during racing season because of her size. Ayden is a devout yogi and taught yoga at her rockclimbing gym in Southern California for several months before moving abroad. She is a knowledgeable camper & survivalist. She has been sponsored by Evolv Climbing & prAna for rockclimbing, Phonak for running & has modeled for several climbing, running, & yoga brands around the world.

Ayden became a PADI certified scuba diver while filming on location in Cebu, Philippines. Since then she has continued to climb the PADI ladder and is currently working on the certifications necessary to become Rescue Dive certified. 

She is also a student in the Korean martial art, Hwa Rang Do under Grandmaster Taejoon Lee as well as a student in acrobatics at the Cirque academy in Los Angeles. 

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Music & Dance Career

Ayden was influenced to play the piano at an early age, while growing up she joined her school's concert band, marching band, and wind ensemble as a percussionist and drummer. In high school her marching band gained international attention by participating in the 2000 Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremonies. She was also the drummer for her church band in Fullerton, California.

Ayden’s dance career began at 14 when she started dancing with a performance swing dance and aerial stunt troupe in Orange County called 'Fly By Night' that performed and competed all over the west coast. She has choreographed and performed in several films and music videos. Currently she focuses on Hip Hop, Contemporary, West & East Coast Swing, Blues & Lindy Hop.

Miss Universe Org. & NBC|Universal

In December 2010 Ayden was approached by a recruiter for Miss USA to compete in the Miss California, USA 2012 pageant. In February 2011 she became Miss Brea and in January 2012 she competed for the Miss California, USA crown was voted "fan favorite". This was her first and only pageant. Ayden conceptualized the gown she wore during the evening gown portion of the competition. It was custom made by Seattle designer, Al Anoud-Dajani and auctioned off at the end of the competition to benefit charity.

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